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  • How do i clean my jewellery?
    Although you can purchase jewellery cleaning products we advise you get in touch so we can polish your jewellery back to its original shine.
  • What is the average length of a ladies necklace ?
    Everyone is different but we recomend a sixteen inch chain for a close fit or eighteen inch chain for a comfortable fit.
  • How do i find out my finger size?
    If your struggling to find out your finger size then we can send a ring sizer so you can check in the comfort of your own home.
  • what is a hallmark?
    In the UK precious metals are stamped according the finese of the metal. Every metal and its alloy has a unique stamp to indicate the amount of gold, platinum or silver present. every maker also has a mark so jewellery can be traced back to the maker and the date it was manufactured.
  • How long will my item take to manufacture?
    Every item is handmade to order as we beleive in providing a personal service to the highest craftsmanship. We aim to have all orders delivered within 5-10 working days but please get in contact for urgent or bespoke enquires.
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