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There is a diamond shape to suit every personality. Here are some examples of  beautiful pieces designed and hand-made in our workshop.



A Joseph Alessander emerald cut diamond engagement ring. The unique look of the emerald cut diamond is created by the step cuts which produce a hall-of-mirrors effect. The long lines, create maximum brightness and shine and give the emerald cut an elegant appeal. The emerald cut was invented at the height of the Art Deco period.



A Joseph Alessander pear cut diamond engagement ring. The pear shape also known at the 'tear-drop' blends both the best of the round brilliant and marquise shape, which tapers to a point. Faceted to show off its brilliance, light dances through the shape, amplifying the sparkle of the diamond. 

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A Joseph Alessander heart cut engagement ring. A heart cut diamond can have stunning brilliance. They can vary a great deal in length and width. Cut quality is the most important factor when selecting a heart shape due to the effect it has on its appearance. 


round brilliant

A Joseph Alessander round brilliant cut diamond engagement ring. Round brilliant cuts  are traditionally the most popular diamond choice for an engagement ring. They have a classic uniform and symmetrical shape that consists of 58 facets. It resembles that of a cone and provides maximised light return through the top of the diamond. 



A Joseph Alessander oval cut diamond engagement ring. With it's symmetrical, elongated and rounded shape, oval diamonds optimise their carat weight due to their large surface area. They can often look larger than a round diamond of the same carat weight, making them a more economical choice for an individual preferring a larger diamond.



A Joseph Alessander marquise cut sapphire gemstone engagement ring. This is an elongated oval shape which tapers to a point at each end. 

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